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MyChron 5 Basic AIM - GPS Lap timer

MyChron 5 Basic AIM - GPS Lap timer
MyChron 5 Basic AIM - GPS Lap timer
MyChron 5 Basic AIM - GPS Lap timer MyChron 5 Basic AIM - GPS Lap timer MyChron 5 Basic AIM - GPS Lap timer MyChron 5 Basic AIM - GPS Lap timer MyChron 5 Basic AIM - GPS Lap timer



Aim MyChron 5

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More info

Data acquisition for karts enters a new dimension today: MyChron5 S 2023, in addition to displaying the most important data for your kart, offers the great advantages of a new-concept GPS and a series of features designed to give you more and more information complete and reliable.

Lap and split times, speed, RPM, a temperature, but also track position, acceleration and much more: MyChron5 has been designed to give essential information to novice kart drivers, but also more sophisticated information for the professional driver.

The new system with integrated GPS: MyChron5 detects times and splits, speed, engine revs, a chosen temperature, position on the track map, accelerations and much more.

Equipped with five multifunctional RGB LEDs + two alarms, Wi-Fi connection for configuration and data download, large backlit display with brightness sensor.

Lithium battery, rechargeable with charger supplied with the device. The battery charger supplied is number 1 in the illustrative photo of the product. Battery chargers 2 and 3 are sold as optional.

To maximize the readability of a series of data a lot of space is needed: for this MyChron5 is equipped with a large 268x128 pixel graphic display.
The display can be backlit in the preferred color among seven available (selectable from the internal menu of the device) and - thanks to the built-in brightness sensor - brightness and contrast are optimal in any ambient light condition.

Times and splits, best lap, RPM, gear number, track graph and much more are presented in pre-configured pages: you can choose the ones you prefer to better keep the values ??you selected under control.
And at the end of the session you can recall the essential data of each of your three best laps: the times achieved and maximum and minimum RPM, speed and temperatures.
You will also be able to view an in-depth analysis of your best lap: split times and theoretical best lap.

MyChron5 is equipped with five RGB LEDs, which can be configured one by one, choosing - in addition to the color - the values ??that determine their activation. You can have them turn on when you do the best time/split time, or to keep the RPM level under control at a glance or - if you prefer - to choose the right moment to change gear (if you have a kart with change). The two RGB alarm LEDs can also be configured so that they light up when a certain threshold of the value you have chosen is exceeded: the water temperature or other variables of your choice.

MyChron5 gives you the possibility to download the data and update the firmware with a simple and secure Wi-Fi connection: no more data keys or the need to connect to a PC.
Data transmission via Wi-Fi is easily configured from the keyboard or PC. In case of simultaneous use of multiple systems or multiple PCs (typically in the case of a team), moreover, it is possible to activate data transmission via Wi-Fi between all MyChron5 and all PCs at once: just purchase an access point that will act as a 'bridge'
between systems and PCs.

At the end of the session, the data downloaded onto your PC can be analyzed thanks to the powerful Race Studio 3 software: with the support of graphs, histograms and tables you will be able to deepen your understanding of your performance, objectively identifying the points for improvement both kart set-up and your driving technique.

Indestructible with its Nylon frame with glass fibers and metal keys. The new glass-filled nylon frame with metal keys guarantees maximum resistance to shocks and bad weather. The non-reflective scratch-resistant polycarbonate display has been designed to ensure the best readability in all conditions.


  • Aim MyChron 5 standard
  • battery charger (model no. 1, shown in the photo)
  • lithium battery
  • RPM probe
  • water or exhaust gas probe (selectable in the drop-down menu).
  • track rpm probe not included as it is not necessary. MyChron 5 takes the times, thanks to the gps

Data sheet

Gps incluso, 10 Hz
Connessione WI-FI inclusa
Colore display configurabile in 7 colori
Sensore di luce ambiente incluso
Allarme led configurabili due allarmi
Frequenza RPM 50 Hz
Batteria a litio, ricaricabile
Memoria 4 Gb
Dimensione 137 x 88 x 30 mm
Peso 390 gr
Impermeabile IP67


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