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KOMET K2H (IAME X30 2023 JUNIOR) RED slick tire set

Gomme slick KOMET K1H
Gomme slick KOMET K1H




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The K2H is the tire adopted in the X30 challenges around the world starting from January 2020. Thanks to the perfect combination of: performance, durability, stability over the entire use and reasonable cost, they make it the tire of excellence of the entire X30 championship; this does not mean that they cannot be used on any other kart.

Price refers to two front and two rear tyres.

We replenish the warehouse every two weeks, so that we can always supply you with 'fresh' tyres.

Data sheet

Altezza 0,65 bar.
Modelli K2H
Misura Anteriore: 10×4.60-5; Posteriore: 11×7.10-5.
Per categorie X30 125 junior/senior/master
Durezza Hard.
Motori IAME Iame X30 125 SENIOR